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Coaches, Parents, and friends of CHYC,


It appears the time I’ve been dreading for the last several years is finally upon us; the time to bring the independent activities of Cherry Hill Youth Cheerleading (CHYC) to a close.  Here’s why. Our landlord, Kimco Realty, whom we had enjoyed a low-cost lease with due to the assistance of Cherry Hill Township, has leased our space to a third party.   As a result, CHYC has been evicted and needs to vacate the premises by June 5th.  For the last 45 days, we’ve been tirelessly searching for another suitable home, to no avail.


Therefore, it is with the utmost sadness, that I must announce that CHYC will cease independent operations effective immediately. In order to accommodate all of our displaced cheerleaders (including my daughter), the coaches and I had extensive meetings with various other organizations, and ultimately decided it would be best to merge CHYC into the Oaklyn Cats organization.  We will be donating our mats and other equipment to Oaklyn and several of our coaches will move to their organization, in order to assure continuity for our children.